Financial Review
/ Financial Review

The property of success in China

"The Australian pair who founded, a Mandarin language property portal, radiate a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. They are 18 months into this latest ­venture and their Shanghai office,... Read more >

Mortgage Professional America
/ Mortgage Professional America

Chinese buyers pour cash into US housing market

"Chinese buyers accounted for 18% of the $68.2 billion that foreigners spent on homes in the past year, so if you aren't marketing to Chinese buyers already, you need to... Read more >

Real Estate Business
/ Real Estate Business

Rudd a dud for industry’s prospects: poll

"[] reported a surge in popularity for Australian properties after Mr Rudd was appointed as the new leader. 'The prime minister is famous in China for his language skills and... Read more >

REM Real Estate Magazine
/ REM (Real Estate Magazine)

Real Estate Channel partners with

"Real Estate Channel and the Chinese international property portal have formed a partnership. . . . The Real Estate Channel says the Chinese are the world's fastest-growing property buyer... Read more >

Smart Property Investment
/ Smart Property Investment

Falling dollar attracts overseas investors

"Andrew Taylor, founder of Chinese listing portal, reports that there has been an increase in searches for Australian property. 'We have noticed continued growth in searches for Australian property... Read more >

/ Forbes

Chinese to spend billions on American real estate

"Across the country, however, Chinese purchasers bought over $10 billion of U.S. real estate in 2011 and account for 9% of foreign U.S. house buyers, second only to Canadians, according... Read more >


Real estate market and Chinese buyers with

[Original in Italian] co-CEO Andrew Taylor says in this interview: "Chinese buyers represent the fastest-growing group of international investors in Italian residential properties. Like their western counterparts, they love... Read more >

Classified Intelligence Report
/ Classified Intelligence Report

Juwai targets Chinese buyers in Canada, Europe

"Real estate professionals in Canada and Europe will now be able to market their listings to potential property buyers in China automatically. In the case of Canada this is due... Read more >

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Wise • 18th Overseas Property, Immigration & Investment Exhibition - Shanghai

The OPI Expo is an unique platform for international companies seeking to enter the Chinese market.

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Chinese Skiing in Japan

Skiing boom draws Chinese buyers to Japan

Japan’s top cities and ski resorts attract Chinese buyers who see great investment opportunities in the country Each winter, snow bunnies head to snow-capped mountains in Europe, the US and Canada for...

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Indonesia landscape

Chinese investments drive growth of Indonesian real estate sector

Chinese property buyers’ interest in Southeast Asia’s biggest country picks up after governments cooperate. When someone mentions Indonesia, it is mostly about Jakarta, the capital city, or the island of Bali, popular...

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European ‘secondary real estate markets’ attractive to Chinese buyers

Chinese buyers flock to Europe in search of alternative investments as Sino-US trade war continues. In light of US President Trump’s escalating trade war with the world, Chinese property buyers who were...

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A not-to-be missed opportunity for all in the real estate industry will be hitting the road come September, taking participants on an exclusive journey that will help them reach Chinese buyers interested in overseas property investments. Planned and organised by, the...

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