Calling property owner, developer, agency, or agent - are you looking for the ideal investors in China, the largest economy in the world with a GDP of more than 25 trillion USD?

Discover the top 8 ways on finding Chinese investors for your real estate projects.


1. Build a Chinese website

Create a blog website to provide your potential investors with an added value on houses, apartments, offices, land and achieve a better ranking on the Chinese search engines.

An expert Chinese web design company can help you with this if you wish to outsource this time-consuming task, and since your target audience is in China, hosting your website in China or Hong Kong will help you pass the Great Firewall of China.

Understand Chinese censorship and how to overcome any drawbacks along the way.


2. Join WeChat groups

WeChat is China’s biggest social network with more than 1 billion monthly active users. It is a must-have app for everything in China. You can communicate with potential buyers (for example, share floorplans), set up live video streams, and share photos of the properties you are offering. This is particularly important for overseas property, where potential investors can easily and quickly stop by to take a personal look.

Then there are “WeChat Groups”, which focus on a specific area of interest and can have up to 500 people. Tap into these communities with exciting content to create interest. You can also consider creating your own WeChat Group.


3.  Explore Chinese social media

WeChat, Sina Weibo, and TikTok are among the most popular Chinese social media platforms. Being active on these platforms and sharing engaging content will help you to reach millions of potential buyers.

Also, consider WeChat advertising (details here) as well as advertising on Sina Weibo and TikTok to boost your real estate, property, land plot, and other development opportunities.


4.  Create a social media campaign to rank first on search engines

Baidu is the equivalent of Google and the most popular Chinese search engine. Optimizing the content on your website for Baidu, so-called search engine optimization or Baidu SEO, will help potential investors find your investment opportunities. The best part is that by optimizing your content, your website will also rank higher on other search engines like Sogou, which also scans WeChat content.


5. Be an active user on the Zhihu platform

Zhihu compares to Quora, a community-based Chinese question-and-answer website. By answering questions related to investment, real estate, financial regulations, and more, you add value for the readers, improve search engine ranking, and have the possibility to direct readers to your website.


6. Engage with Chinese property forum users

Peer-to-peer advice is trendy in China. This is also true for Chinese investors and business people. Property forums like World Fang, Juwai and Anjuke connect Chinese property buyers with estate agents.

They have active communities with which you can interact. Besides, these websites offer practical marketing packages to choose from. Testimonials and reviews from existing customers can boost your website and the offers on it.