Concerning Chinese property investors, the element of luck plays an important role. 

Many real estate agents/negotiators in many parts of the world are increasingly considering these cultural beliefs when selling property to Chinese property buyers - as the number of buyers is rapidly growing.


It is all a number game.

When dealing with Chinese buyers, always remember specific numbers are associated with good luck, while others signify lousy fortune and are best avoided. 

For example, 6 and 9 are seen as lucky numbers, and 8 is the most auspicious number of all, as when spoken aloud, it sounds similar to the Chinese word for ‘fortune’ and ‘prosper’. 

Please remember to avoid the number 4 like the flu, as that number is considered unlucky as it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

Yet, how does this relate to a property purchase? 

It could relate to either the street number of the house, the selling price, the date of an auction or the purchase date, among other things.


It is all about the Feng Shui.

The shape and orientation of the block of land in question is a massive advantage for both buyer and negotiator, as these details allow Chinese investors to know more about that property’s fortune. 

For example, a yard that slopes up is promising as it signifies that the land’s value will also go up. A rectangular block is considered good luck, while a block of land more expensive wider at the front than at the back will often be avoided as it suggests a lot of show with not much substance.


It is the importance of your surroundings.

The following factors suggest why some locations are more popular with Chinese investors than other locations. A home with water views is considered highly lucky as water is one of the only bodies that can hold chi. 

A mountainous backdrop is also desirable as it will protect a home from strong winds, which can carry good luck and energy away.


It is about the layout of the home - inside and outside.

Chi is said to travel in a curved or winding shape, and for this reason, it is also considered lucky to have curved architecture or spherical shapes in a home. 

One of the enormous nos when considering the home’s layout is for the front and back doors to be aligned, as any money or luck that flows into the house will flow straight through and back out. 

A staircase positioned directly at the front door or entry also signifies a loss of money. Be mindful of bedroom layout, too – the foot of a bed should not now face the bedroom door as it symbolises death and encourages death to come and visit in your sleep. 

The home entrance will also tell a Chinese investor a lot about its fortune, such as if the entry door is placed towards the left-hand side with a curved path leading to it – a straight path can lead evil spirits straight into the house. 

Furthermore, a lamp post positioned directly in front of a home can bring misfortune, while a tree at the entrance can affect the balance of energies.