The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Singapore's property market gets a lift amid recession with tonic from mainland Chinese buyers, "unspecified foreigners"

Singapore's property market sees a sudden lift despite economy mired in recession, reports South China Morning Post (11 September 2020). Foreigners and possibly mainland Chinese are behind the resurgence. Sales... Read more >

Australian Property Investor.png
/ Australian Property Investor

Politics, profits compete in flow of Chinese investment

A slump in interest from China's buyers in Australian real estate has become increasingly evident as relations between the two countries grow increasingly tense, reports Australian Property Investor (9 September... Read more >

the sun daily
/ The Sun Daily

Real estate sector sees strong recovery in 2022

Malaysia's real estate sector is expected to see a strong recovery in 2022, reports The Sun Daily (8 September 2020). According to a Property Survey and Index Q3 2020 report... Read more >

Property portalwatch.png
/ Property PortalWatch

Phuket to get New Juwai IQI Hub

Juwai IQI's recent expansions throughout Asia has seen it opening a new office in Phuket, Thailand, reports Property PortalWatch (7 September 2020). With a number of Asian real estate companies... Read more >

The real estate conversation.jpg
/ The Real Estate Conversation

How to use coaching to transform your team

"There are thousands of personal and business coaches in Australia and it sometimes seems like there are hundreds of real estate coaches. Is coaching important? It can be," writes Georg... Read more >

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How Chinese enclaves became cultural hubs in Australia

From a haven for new migrants to an attraction for tourists, Chinatowns are now a cosmopolitan bridge between Australia and Asia   Chinatowns exist in most Australian states and territories, especially in...

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How to sell property to Chinese buyers

Chinese buyers are now the fastest growing segment of real estate buyers globally as they seek out destinations that offer an attractive way of life, immigrant investment and educational opportunities. However, cross-border...

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10 things you need to know about gift-giving in China

Whether you want to give a present to a Chinese customer for the holidays, or just to build a relationship, bear in mind that there are some things to never gift a...

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