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Budget 2021 to boost first-time buyers

Juwai IQI has released a reaction from the property industry to Malaysia’s proposed biggest-ever budget, reports MIA (9 November 2020). Juwai IQI Group CEO Kashif Ansari said: "Under this budget,... Read more >

/ Bernama

Budget 2021 to boost first-time house buyers' market share - Juwai IQI

Juwai IQI expects to see first-time house buyers increase their share of the market by up to five percentage points - highest market share on record - under Malaysia's Budget... Read more >

New Straits Times
/ New Straits Times

Investments in infrastructure will open up new neighbourhoods, says Juwai IQI

Juwai IQI group chief executive officer Kashif Ansari said Malaysia's Budget 2021 will open up new neighbourhoods for housing that are currently lacking transit facilities, reports Bernama (9 November 2020).... Read more >

/ Property Advisor

Budget 2021 to boost first-time buyers - Property Advisor

Responding to Malaysia’s proposed budget for 2021, Asian real estate technology group Juwai IQI said it expects to see first-time homebuyers increase their share of the market by up to... Read more >

The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Joe Biden expected to be friendlier to foreign investors, property market observers say

Property market observers say president-elect Joe Biden is likely to be more friendly towards foreign investors, immigrants, renters and students than US President Donald Trump, reports South China Morning Post... Read more >

/ iMoney

Budget 2021: Here’s What You Wanted, And Here’s What You Got - iMoney

Under Budget 2021, the Malaysian government has proposed a full stamp duty exemption for first-time home buyers, reports iMoney (9 November 2020). This exemption is effective for sales and purchase... Read more >


Budget 2021: Here’s What You Wanted, And Here’s What You Got

The much anticipated Budget 2021 for Malaysia reveals that the government will introduce measures aimed at boosting home ownership among first-time buyers, reports MSN Money (9 November 2020). This included... Read more >

The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Amid Covid-19 and rising US-China tensions, Singapore is a real estate oasis whose market is picking up again, as evidenced by new development launches

The economic downturn Singapore endured during the pandemic has not affected its property market, reported South China Morning Post (8 November 2020). While government data showed that the national economy... Read more >

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How VR technology is transforming real estate marketing

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Juwai launches new video channel

We have introduced a special channel to showcase videos to help property buyers get a visual perspective of listings. To enhance user experience and engagement with property buyers, our new video channel will...

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