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Rents crash in internal suburbs as - Press Aggregate worldwide college students are locked out

Rents have collapsed in Australia's city centres as foreign students are locked out of the country, reports Press Aggregate (12 November 2020). Georg Chmiel, executive chairman of Juwai IQI, said:... Read more >

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Rents in inner-city areas fall because international students are excluded

Rents in Australia's urban centres have crashed as international students are barred from the country due to the closure of borders caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, reports WHATSNEW2DAY (12 November... Read more >

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Rents crash in inner suburbs as international students are locked out - Newspaper

Australia's biggest city centres see the collapse of rental prices as international students are locked out, reports Newspaper (22 November 2020). Border closures since March have caused vacancy rates to... Read more >

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'Hold on to investment property', the students will come back

Investors in accommodation favoured by international students should hold on, reports Financial Review (11 November 2020). According to Juwai IQI, student numbers are expected to exceed their 2019 peak once... Read more >

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Drop in foreign student numbers impact Aussie property

Border closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak has led to a significant drop in the numbers of overseas students in Australia, reports Smart Property Investment (11 November 2020). This has... Read more >

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Student numbers to bolster property market post-Covid

The number of international students in Australia is set to surpass their 2019 peak once borders reopen, reports The Urban Developer (10 November 2020). According to Juwai IQI, international student... Read more >

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Philippines: 27% spike in property values in 5 years

Despite a string of calamities, property development, particularly in faraway provinces, has helped stimulate economic activity and uplift the quality of life in the Philippines, reports 24x7 Live News (10... Read more >

Pain before gain: Real estate impact of dropping foreign student numbers

In its summary of Chinese residential real estate buyer activity related to Education in Australia, Juwai IQI expects student numbers to likely keep falling and vacancies to keep rising until... Read more >

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