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Laos attracting more property buyers from Asia, agency says

According to Shanghai-based real estate agency, Juwai IQI, Laos is starting to attract a greater number of property buyers mainly from China, Japan and South Korea due to new relaxed... Read more >

The South China Morning Post
/ South China Morning Post

Cyprus just axed ‘golden passports’ – but Greece still offers a hassle-free visa for EU-wide travel after US$300,000 in real estate investment – and Chinese investors are buying Athens homes fast

Cyprus has axed ‘golden passports’ but Greece still offers a hassle-free visa for EU-wide travel if investors pump in US$300,000 in real estate investment, reports South China Morning Post (14... Read more >

New Straits Times
/ New Straits Times

Sabah property mart to rebound next year, says Juwai IQI

Real estate agents are forecasting for Sabah, a state in East Malaysia, to experience a V-shaped recovery in the market in 2021, according to a survey conducted by Juwai-IQI, reports... Read more >

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California top U.S. destination for Chinese real estate investors

California is turning out to be the most popular of US destinations for Chinese property investors, outranking New York with over 20% more buyers, reports CapitalWatch (12 October 2020). The... Read more >

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Coronavirus: Chinese seek Australian property market bargains

Chinese buyers are eyeing the Australian property market once again, hoping to pick up a bargain as house prices plunge during the coronavirus crisis, reports Australian Press Review (11 October... Read more >

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Juwai IQI: Sabah's property mart to rebound next year, prices to trail national trends

A survey by Juwai IQI shows real estate agents forecasting Sabah's property market to make a V-shaped recovery in 2021 and with recovery to continue in 2022 and beyond, reports... Read more >

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Bernama: Sabah's property mart to rebound next year, prices to trail national trends - Juwai IQI

Juwai IQI’s latest Sabah Property Survey and Index – Quarter Four (Q4) 2020 report found that in the East Malaysian state, residential prices and rents are expected to trail national... Read more >

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For 4.6 billion in Asia it is now easier to buy homes in Americas, Europe and the Pacific: Juwai IQI - PRWeb

Juwai IQI which operates two Asian real estate super-brands has made it easier for 4.6 billion residents of Asia to buy homes in the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific, reports... Read more >

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Pandemic hits the Philippines hard but country will bounce back in 2021

Our latest survey report reveals real estate prices will be more favourable in 2022 and foreign buyers will drive future transactions. Property Survey and Index Philippines Q4 2020 is the first industry...

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How VR technology is transforming real estate marketing

Virtual reality property marketing is not only essential today but can help save time and money. There's a game changer in the real estate industry and it's already transforming the way the...

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Japan presents opportunities for Chinese property investors

Chinese interest in Japanese housing increases as China recovers from the pandemic. There’s no question that we live in volatile times due to the pandemic and real estate markets around the world...

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Juwai launches new video channel

We have introduced a special channel to showcase videos to help property buyers get a visual perspective of listings. To enhance user experience and engagement with property buyers, our new video channel will...

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