Financial Times
/ Financial Times

Ghost of Asian crisis haunts Bangkok housing market

Thai policymakers are grappling with a rapidly cooling property market in the country’s capital. Overseas demand for Bangkok priorities, particularly from China, is lending some support as indebted Thais pull... Read more >

Yahoo News
/ Yahoo News

Chinese buyers are getting ready to flock back into Australia's 'cheap' property market – with one city emerging as their clear favourite

Of the 1.2 million Chinese tourists visiting Australia every year, as many as a quarter could be looking to buy a property here, a new study has suggested, in an... Read more >

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/ Property News Australia

Chinese buyers in Australia: Here for holidays and here to buy property

Chinese buyers have Australian property set firmly in their sights again, with a new survey revealing nearly a third of Chinese tourists plan to shop for property while they’re on... Read more >

Retalk Asia
/ Retalk Asia

Three reasons why Hong Kong will thrive - Georg Chmiel

Georg Chmiel, Executive Chairman of Juwai and Chairman of iCar Asia (ASX: ICQ) tells why he is optimistic around Hong Kong's future as a business and finance hub, in a... Read more >

south china morning post 2018
/ South China Morning Post

As protests intensify, where are rich Hongkongers investing in property to get a foreign passport?

The recent unrest in Hong Kong has sparked a considerable rise in inquiries from residents contemplating a move abroad, stated a report in the South China Morning Post (12 September... Read more >

south china morning post 2018
/ South China Morning Post

Bali beckons as Indonesia makes it cheaper for overseas investors to buy expensive houses by raising luxury tax threshold

Bali, Indonesia’s top tourist destination, is poised to attract overseas buyers after the government recently raised the threshold on luxury tax, according to analysts, reported the South China Morning Post... Read more >

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/ College News

Record numbers of super rich Hong Kong investors pay £2 million each to snap up UK ‘golden visas’

A surging number of affluent Hong Kong citizens have snapped up the so-called UK ‘golden visa’ by investing at least £2 million each in Britain, stated an article in College... Read more >

south china morning post 2018

Rich Hongkongers ‘snap up UK golden visas at unheard-of pace’

Rich Hongkongers are pouring cash into UK “golden visas” to ensure a bolt-hole for themselves and their families amid growing political unrest in Hong Kong, immigration lawyers and property investment... Read more >

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