Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.” That's especially true today for international buyers – 90% of whom begin their property search online.

Chinese buyers must feel comfortable in believing the information provided on the website is reliable, because until they fly over to view the property in person, you – and your listings online – are their only viable source of information and photographs. So, being able to trust the online property platform from which they're searching for property to invest is essential.
As an agent, you play a big role in soothing such worries and providing confidence and assurance to your Chinese buyer. Here are three (out of five) tips that may help you build trust and guanxi with your Chinese clients:
#1 Answer all their questions
No matter how mundane their 101 questions may seem to you, remember that what may be familiar for you is totally foreign to them. Again, put yourself in their shoes. If your roles were reversed and you’re buying property in China, wouldn’t you want someone to answer you patiently?
#2 Be understanding and broad-minded
Even if your Chinese buyers are asking (what you consider to be) strange questions, humour them by answering them. Seeing as they hail from a different culture, the way they perceive things may differ. For example, what you consider a pantry may be easily viewed as an extra room for other purposes instead.
#3 Don’t just hear, listen
Every Chinese buyer is different, so don’t presume to know what your Chinese buyers want. Instead of talking their ears off from the get go, listen to what they want, and if need be, ask the right questions that would help you better understand what they’re looking for.
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