Covid-19 has reinforced the need for the real estate sector to utilise new and innovative tools to engage cross-border property buyers especially those from China which is one of the most sought-after markets in international property.

COVID-19 has brought international travel and mass gatherings to a halt. And for some property owner, real estate developer, agency or agent outside of China, it could be quite challenging to gain access to the China market and reach property investors as borders closed and quarantine and social distancing issues curb open houses and showings.

But there are still some ways that can help you reach out and find Chinese investors in this time of crisis.


Go digital

China has one the world’s largest online community with more than 800 million internet users in the country. Whereas physical promotions – seminars, fairs, exhibitions and roadshows - have high relevance in China in the past, online promotion is now key due to social distancing regulations.

One way to reach Chinese investors in China would be to set up your own website in Chinese. However, internet censorship in China means you would have to navigate a unique environment where several administrative regulations apply. But this “Great Firewall of China” does not have to limit the success of businesses trying to reach Chinese consumers. An expert Chinese web design company can help you with this if you wish to outsource this time-consuming task. Or work with property online platforms that are equipped to help you.


Get active on social mediapics on table

Once your website is up, start getting active on China’s most popular social media platforms such as WeChat, Sina Weibo and TikTok. Sharing content will help you to reach millions of potential buyers. You can create traffic on your website and WeChat business page by asking questions on the forums and answering them. Besides providing useful information, make sure to include your website link in your answer to direct forum users to your website.


Utilise Chinese property platformshouse on keyboard

Chinese investors and businesspeople find peer-to-peer advice helpful, so they frequently go to property forums to connect with estate agents and developers. These sites have active communities, with which you can interact. These websites also offer practical sales packages to suit your marketing needs. You can also use testimonials and reviews from existing customers to boost your website and the offers on it.


Find partners

Work with or advertise on online platforms that have wide reach within China. Most of the leading platforms offer immigration services and overseas education consultancy or work with associates who provide such services. Or partner with agencies or companies that have counterparts in China. This will provide you with additional reach and exposure to Chinese audience seeking to emigrate or who are looking to buy homes for their children who will be studying abroad, a prime motivation for Chinese to buy properties overseas.


Take advantage of online events

COVID-19 has pushed many events into the virtual world. Take advantage of this new phenomenon and join real estate events that are going live on Facebook or Zoom. Many of such events are completely free and open to anyone willing to participate. The accessibility of these events will benefit you greatly as you will able to reach and engage more people than ever before, especially in China.

Or you can be a willing speaker to introduce your listings and show videos of your offerings. You will be surprised how an entirely virtual experience can be interactive and engaging. has a wealth of information about dealing with Chinese buyers, including …

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